Welcome to Performances a la Carte and thank you for subscribing to our mailing list. I am so happy and excited that you've joined us and hope you will take a moment or two to look over our website which is evolving even as you read this message.

Their are few languages that can adequately express the complexities and desires of  humankind as ART can ...yes, that's ART, in big bold capital letters, that highlight its significance to our life experience.  Performances a la Carte hails it all in its myriad forms and expressions and is not only dedicated to bringing living art and the artists that create it front and center in unique and soul-satisfying ways but to use it as a nexus to highlight and support the social needs within our communities and the larger world; utilizing its diverse universal message as a lamp unto our feet.

Whether music, dance, theater, stories, poems, visual, culinary or healing - art expresses life and expands our notions of the world and each other and that deserves a spotlight!

I look forward to meeting you personally and to expressing my gratitude for your support and involvement with Performances a la Carte.


Carla Jamie Perez
Founder and Artistic Director
Performances a la Carte, INC
Jazz 'N Paz

I look forward to having the opportunity to interact personally with you as do all the artists and collaborators