Nick Mancini Trio – Album – “The Long Game”





In this his 12th independently produced recording, “The Long Game”, Mancini’s compositional chops are in peak performance. This amazing musical incarnation finds Nick at the helm of a trio which features himself and his trusted vibraphone, in collaboration with Ty Bailie, one of the finest purveyors of the Hammond B3 organ, and Tina Raymond a most cherished master of the drumming arts. One finds themselves amidst a wash of deft, arpeggiatic runs, and, entrancing and delicate, yet unyielding melodic phrases. Listeners are transported through time and space to places that are familiar to the senses, yet indescribable with words common to the context of mainstream life. After 25 years of embracing audiences with the warmth and humor that spontaneously springs from his music and person, Mancini continues to leave them wanting more, and more…and more.